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Banana Bunch 1

This is really quite a productive banana grove. There are two main plants and I've seen as many as four bunches of bananas at a time.
     This is a fairly new bunch. You can see three "hands" of young bananas showing with another hand hidden underneath the petal at the top.
     As the bananas mature, they start growing towards upwards and the petals fall off. Many people and some companies don't know this -- including Chiquita Banana. Because of their site layout, I can't link to the exact address, but if you open their site map at the bottom of the home page you'll see a link to "How Bananas Grow," where pictures #5 and #6 are upside down. I wrote to them but, like most companies, they didn't respond so I thought I would share it with you.
     Warning: Their site starts with music and a woman saying, "Hello, amigos." Guess they don't want to be amigos with everyone.