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Star Ferry Pier

Now the peninsula is to the far left of the photo. Just to the right of the tall building in the center, you can see a cruise ship parallel parked at Ocean Terminal.
     Victoria Harbour is one of the world's deep-water ports and huge ships can pull right up the curb, where their guests can disembark and wander around the maze of designer shops in Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre and Harbour City. It's a huge complex and you can be lost for days. Fortunately there are places to eat and drink, so you won't die.
     Ocean Terminal opened in 1967, the year I first visited Hong Kong and the place I bought the Rolex Submariner I still wear.
     Just an inch to the right is the Star Ferry, one of the most scenic 10-minute rides on earth, and something you should definitely do. It's second only to the Peak as a memory. It will cost you HK$2,20 -- less than thirty cents US.
     Just beyond those piers is Tsimshatsui -- the main tourist district. If you want to sound like a local, pronounce it as three words -- Chim Sa Choy.
     Close enough.