Richard Franiec's Camera Accessories

After 11 years of providing photographers with grips and accessories for their cameras, Richard is retiring -- with huge thanks to his many supporters and customers that made his accessories possible.

I'll let Richard describe how it all started ...

"The first accessory I made was custom grip for Canon Powershot G7.

"I bought one of the first units when they were introduced in October 2006, right before going on vacation.

"Soon after we arrived, the camera was dropped. Fortunately, it survived the fall, but I knew that I needed to design something to prevent such mishaps in the future.

"The first picture of the industrial-looking grip was published on the My Canon G7 website and to my surprise, the interest from G7 users was overwhelming.

"I made an initial run of about 100 pieces which was sold out on preorders even before the machining was complete -- and so the catch-up game began."

I met Richard online a year after this, in October 2007, when I was searching for a grip for my new Canon G9.

It was the first of many accessories -- from Custom Grips to Black Lens Rings to Hotshoe Covers and Remote Cable Releases -- that I ordered from him over the years for a succession of cameras that Leela and I owned.

Right after buying the G9 grip, I saw that Richard didn't have a webpage, so I created this page as a thank you to someone who was supplying exactly what I needed. It was, and still is, the only time I've put a commercial message on Kleptography -- a testament to the high regard I have for Richard Franiec and his exceptional products and the personal service that went along with them.

I'll leave the latest photos up for a while longer, before I take them down and box them up.

The products on this page are for display only.
They are no longer available.

Canon EOS M Custom Grip
CanonG7 XCustom Grip
CanonS90/S95Custom Grip
LeicaDLUX-4Custom Grip
LeicaDLUX-5Custom Grip
LeicaTyp 109Custom Grip
LumixDMC-GM1Custom Grip
Nikon1 J1Custom Grip
Nikon1 V1Custom Grip
OlympusE-PL3/E-PM1Custom Grip
OlympusXZ-1Custom Grip
Panasonic GM1/GM5/LF1/GF7Custom Grip
SigmaDP1/DP2 originalCustom Grip
SigmaDP1/DP2/DP3 MerrillCustom Grip
Sony RX100, all 4 modelsCustom Grip

A word about Custom Grips

All of Richard's grips are individually precision-machined from high-grade aluminum alloy, and then glass-bead blasted and black anodized for durability. They attach to the camera with VHB (Very High Bond) clear transfer tape for incredible bonding power -- but they can be carefully removed without damaging the camera finish or leaving a stubborn residue. After removal, you can cover the adhesive with the original slick backing material for storage so that you can reattach the grip later.

I'm telling you this now so you don't have to read the same thing for every grip. I have had Richard's grips on a Canon G9, Canon S90, and Sigma DP2 for several years now. They are all attractive, show no signs of wear and remain solidly attached.

Canon G7 X Custom Grip

"Natural look and feel" was the goal behind the design and development of my new Canon Powershot G7 X custom grip. Combined with the factory thumb rest in back, the grip makes the G7 X more user-friendly than Canon envisioned. One-handed shooting and video recording (including self-portraits) is not only possible but a pleasure with the aid of the custom grip.

The grip's contour guides your fingers into a comfortable position that makes shooting a pleasure, and eases any worry about losing your hold on the camera.

Thanks to the grip, carrying the camera in hand for long periods of time does not produce the strains that can result from pinching the body between your thumb and fingers -- instead, you can hang the camera from your fingertips. And pulling the camera from pouch or pocket is easy since the grip gives you something to grab.

Click image to see all 4 photos.

At 20 grams, the grip does not make the camera substantially heavier, and because the grip sits below the retracted lens, the camera retains its low profile, keepng the combination pocket- and pouch-friendly.

The G7 X custom grip is individually CNC machined from the best aluminum alloys available, before being glass-bead blasted and anodized to greatly enhance its wear resistance. Like all the custom grips, they are guaranteed to outlive the camera models they were designed for.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1/GF7 -- GM5 -- LF1 Custom Grip
This grip is a beautiful match for the aesthetics of all three cameras. The grip combines the great look of a wraparound design with the great feel of an ergonomically natural shape. The S-curve finger groove contour guides the hand to a comfortable and effective position, greatly improving balance and handling, especially with larger Micro 4/3 lenses.

Click image to see all 6 photos of the grip on the GM1.

Weighing about 20 grams, this grip adds very little to the weight of the camera and leaves the entire bottom of the cam (including battery/card door and tripod socket) unobstructed.

Like all of Richard's grips, this one is Individually 3D CNC machined from high-grade aluminum alloy, then glass bead blasted and black anodized. It offers great looks, durability, fit and function.

Canon EOS-M Custom Grip
Richard's comments are below, and you can click the photo to see all 10 photos of the new grip.

"The Canon EOS M mirrorless system is possibly the most underrated offering in this segment, partially due to its less than good ergonomic (handling) characteristics. Since the camera body with kit lens can be purchased for less than the price of premium fixed lens compact and considering the number of people who have written me requesting a grip, I decided to create a grip specifically for the 'M.'

"The grip is CNC machined from solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and anodized to closely match the camera body finish. It enhances the handling of the camera, even with the larger EF lenses via adapter, and adds a new level of comfort and safety."

Click image to see all 10 photos.

Sigma DP1/DP2/DP3 Merrill Custom Grip
This grip fits all the Sigma Merrill cameras -- DP1, DP2 and DP3 -- and allows you to hold the camera comfortably and securely in any position. It sits well below the retracted lens, so it does not compromise the compactness of the camera. And it adds only about an ounce (35 grams) of weight. The grip was designed to cover the silver logo for a more subtle look that makes the camera less obvious to people around you, especially those being photographed.

Click image to see all 13 photos.

Sony RX100 Custom Grip
The grips gives your Sony RX100 and RX100 II and RX100 III and RX100 IV something to hold on to for one-handed shooting of still images and video in comfort, security and style -- and the grip sits below the lens ring when the lens is retracted so the camera remains as pocketable as ever.

Click image for additional photos.

The RX100 grip is featured on DPreview and they chose the same photo I did for their article. I guess we both have good taste.

You might also like to read these comments on the grip from some well-known photographers:
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Custom Grip for the Nikon 1 V1
This grip is designed for comfort and safety when handling the heft of the Nikon 1 V1, especially when coupled with the FT-1 adapter and heavy lenses. The grip does not obstruct the battery/card door and preserves the original location of the tripod socket on the centerline of the lens.

Click image for additional photos.

Custom Grip for the Nikon 1 J1
Richard's Custom Grip CGJ1 for Nikon's top-end compact features a wraparound design for that integrates seamlessly with the J1 camera body.

Click image for additional photos.

Olympus E-PL3/E-PM1 Grip
The Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1 will be the first Micro Four thirds cameras to receive a Custom Grip. Richard's attention to every aspect of fit, finish and functionality is well-known by now and the grip fits either camera perfectly.

DPreview featured the E-PL3 here. And the E-PM1 here.

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Click image for additional photos.

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Olympus XZ-1

Custom XZ-1 Grip

Custom XZ-1 Grip

Click the image above to see 15 images that Richard has posted on Picasa.

The contour of the grip provides a natural, comfortable way of handling the camera, even one-handed, and adds a substantial feeling of safety and assurance to otherwise slippery and gripless body.

Canon S90/S95

Canon s90/S95 Grip

Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip

One of the biggest improvements you can make to a tiny camera is a better way to hold it -- and that's what Richard has done for the S90 and S95.

Quoting from Richard's email to me: "This grip is really a very special one. The small size of the S90 was a very challenging factor in find the right design that didn't overpower the body. The grip sits about 1.5 mm lower than the retracted lens, so it does not affect the pocketability of the camera."


Simon Joinson's impressions on DPreview
DPreview member thread (Part 1)
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S90/95 Grip owners' emailed comments -- PDF file

Leica D-LUX 4

Leica D-LUX 4 Grip

Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip

This custom grip is the answer to the prayers of D-LUX 4 enthusiasts who find Leica's screw-on grip cumbersome and expensive.

The contour of the grip provides a natural, comfortable way of handling the camera, even one-handed, and adds a substantial feeling of safety and assurance to otherwise slippery and gripless body. And unlike the Leica grip, the Custom Grip don't obstruct the battery/card door.

Another plus: with the grip attached, the D-LUX 4 still fits smoothly into the Leica leather case with flap.

Leica D-LUX 5

Leica DLUX-5 Grip

Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip

This custom grip is the same as the grip for the D-LUX 4 -- but I thought it deserved an entry of its own so D-LUX 5 owners didn't miss it. Note: this grip also fits the Leica Typ 109.

The contour of the grip provides a natural, comfortable way of handling the camera, even one-handed, and adds a substantial feeling of safety and assurance to otherwise slippery and gripless body. And unlike the Leica grip, the Custom Grip don't obstruct the battery/card door.

Special thanks to Peter Zlatev for the photos featured here.

Sigma DP Cameras - All

Sigma DP-1 Grip

Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip     Custom DP-1 Grip

Richard's Custom Grip for the DP1 and DP2 will change the way you handle your camera. I received the first DP2 in Hong Kong and the first thing I did was attach the grip. When I let a professional photographer handle the camera the next day, he immediately commented on the handling and thought it was part of the original design. Another benefit of the grip for those of us who like to keep a low profile is that it hides the big white "SIGMA" on the front of the camera.

Note: These are not for the Merrill cameras.

You can read this DPreview post for more opinions.

And here's another thread with photos at DPI.com.

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