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Infrared Bali

Although there are a just a few images now, I made this a separate gallery for a couple of reasons.
     First, most of the infrared photos have ended up with an icy green shade that I like and have left in.
     And, second, I hope to return soon and add some more pictures to the collection.

All these shots were taken at a small villa twenty minutes outside Ubud, the artistic and cultural center of Bali.
     The pool is designed to follow the curve of the paddy fields it was built on and at night you can turn off the pool lights and watch the stars and the fireflies.

My experience is that infrared photography with a stock G1 using a Hoya R72 filter gives you shutter speeds no faster than 1/20th of a second on a very bright day.
     The lotus photo above is memorable for being handheld from a very awkward position. I had to stretch out over the pond, hold my breath, steady my shaking arms and press the shutter -- repeatedly.

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